Food for thought

A message from Jeorge Patience, SAMOA founding member and first Secretary. Written in the early 1970s when she moved to Canada:
The last item I write as secretary to SAMOA – Whenever that day comes, this is a good luck wish to the new secretary.  She will never have the love for an organization as I do for SAMOA – but good luck whoever you are.  SAMOA is people, no matter how they do things, it is right to them.  Stand behind them as a board member and never scorn a member no matter how little they may seem.  Some day SAMOA will need them -whether it is to just keep on going or to be reborn again. You must be SAMOA, live SAMOA and breath SAMOA.  It is life just as any other living organism is.  I have been a part of SAMOA since we started it and I will continue to be there — no matter where I am — dead or alive — I will be there to help or only to take up space.  This has been my life and all I have lived for — to see her grow — to love members — and be a well-adjusted group of people, sharing like so many other dream societies of our world.
                                            Jeorge Patience

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