Birth of an Organization

On March 20, 1967 the first meeting of the “Mini Club” was called to order by Mr. Gerry Everett. The purpose of the meeting was to combine the individual subjected ideas into one formative joint move to result in an organization constituted of people who owned Minis or wished they did.

The first “Mini meeting” it was appropriately called. There were nine pioneers present on this date: Gerry Everett, Ray Honsberger, Dick Penna, Jeorge Patience, Dan Dinkfield, Steve Ginsberg, Steve Cross, Del Gould and Dev Garnier.

The first act of business the small determined mini group acted upon was to appoint a temporary governing cabinet to guide the club until a larger group could vote on permanent officers. The acting officers were Ray Honsberger – President, Dick Penna – Vice-President and Jeorge Patience – Secretary/Treasurer. Thus was the formation of the working skeleton for an organization which in years to come would prove itself an elite union of funny little cars and the unique people who are drawn together by the “Mini.” A club which would be auto-cross oriented but so versatile as to partake in rallies, tours and car shows.

So with such a vast combination of people and a common interest in an amazing little car, S.A.M.O.A. stepped out into the world of sports-car-unique. Such was the birth of The Seattle Area Mini Owners Association.

I stand respectfully yours,  -Jeorge Patience, Secretary, 1967


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